Thermo  Reflective Coating

World's Best Thermal Barrier Coating

Sunlight reflectance ratio 92.7% (Near-infrared rays). Highest reflectivity in the world.

Good heat insulation Capacity (very low thermal conductivity 0.09w/m.k.).

Absorption of heat created by infrared rays.

Water vapor transmission capacity. 

High elasticity and excellent weather resistance (about 15 years).

Provide strong protection in the tropical regions and coastal areas.

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SunBless (For India, UAE, and Europe)

LUMINOUSTAR (For Japan, USA, and China)

The DAN-NETSU (For Global Market) (Coming soon)

Why thermal barrier coating? 

The heat reflective coating lessens the ‘urban heat islands’ effect, which allows cooler buildings in summer and warm in winter. This is means lesser use of air conditioners and heater that promotes lower carbon dioxide emission. The aim of using this coating is to create a dent in the global warming scenario, by helping people across the globe cut down electricity and fuel consumption. This is an ideal solution for today’s global warming and environmental protection. The heat reflective coatings are the best option for those who believe in caring for the environment and longevity of the building.



1. Thermo Reflection Coating

2. Thermo Reflection and Absorption Coating

3. Only Heat Absorption Coating

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The Miyakaw’s chamfering machine (Round cutting) uses in the Bridge construction, Shipbuilding, and Automobile/Parts industries. The chamfering product by Miyakawa’s machine was adopted for a Performance standard for protective coatings (PSPC) standard. Miyakawa industry also develops products for oxide film removal from the metal surfaces. For the long-lasting of the surface, the Miyakawa industry starts working on the thermo reflective coating with the help of Mr. Nakajima as a developer of thermo reflective coating in Japan. This coating is also a good solution for environment safety. After the development of thermo reflective coating LUMINOUSTAR, Miyakawa Industry starts selling it around Japan. One year later they release the product in India by the name of Sunbless through Indian giant Miyakawa Kogyo India Pvt., Ltd. Now the Miyakawa Industry started the manufacture of the thermo reflective coating as their own product in Japan.

1999 :Start manufacturer Chamfering Products for end surface preparation.

2006: Chamfering product was adopted for PSPC(Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) standard.

2018:Started sales of thermal barrier coating "LUMINOUSTAR" 


Welcome to The Thermo Reflective Coating

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Unique nanotechnology-based Thermal Barrier Coating from Japan

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India Office:

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The Thermal Coating Features

1. Highest Reflection of Sunlight :

Sunlight reflectance ratio 92.7% (Near-infrared rays), 91.6% (all wavelength rays). The industry's top class.  The near-infrared rays make building hot at high rate.

2. Heat Insulation Capacity (Thermal conductivity 0.09w/(m.k):

Re-emitted the thermal heat during hot summer and make inside cool.

3.Water Vapor Transmission:

Transmit the water vapor. Repressed the dew condensation and generating of mold is prevented.

4. High Elasticity (Coating film elasticity rate is over 250%):

Coating film that stretches like rubber. This helps in filling cracks of surface and maintained beauty.

5. Excellent Weather Resistance (Expected life 15 years):

Very much effective for the tropical region where they have a long summer. Also, tested for rigorous weather conditions of heat and cold like Japan.  

6. Maintain Temperature Inside Building:

Temperature is maintained due to the thermos effect during summer and winter, all weather conditions. Significantly reduction of inside temperature ranging from 6 to 11°C in hot summer.

7. Water and alkali resistance:

Free from crazing, blister, peeling as well as from remarkable discoloration and lowering of luster on the surface due to raindrop and alkaline substance.

8. Strong Adhesiveness (4times better than JIS standard):

This feature allows painting without peeling for several years.

9. Eco-friendly and non-influence on Environment:

Sunbless paint has obtained the highest-grade Foster F-4 Star Certification. Safest for both outdoor and indoor painting.


Why the Sunbless Thermal Barrier Coating is best than others?


The  cool in summer effect

Sunlight near-infrared rays are reflected at a high rate, and the building does not get hot in the scorchy hot summertime. The thermal insulation effect further reduces the invasion of the radiant heat into the building.


The warm in winter

The thermal insulation function stops the escape of the inside heat and prevents the building from getting cold. Moreover, dew condensation is repressed, and the generating of mold is prevented. Keeping the radiant heat inside and maintaining a warm environment.


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